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Pittsburgh Plumbing Services is the trusted name for plumbers in Cranberry Township, PA. See why homeowners and business owners prefer our team.

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What makes our local plumbers better than all the rest? Our contractors have the experience needed to tackle any job that you have.

We have provided repairs, installations, replacements, and remodeling for many years throughout the community. You can rely on us for plumbing leaks, emergencies, and planned upgrades.

Whether you need to stop a leak, clog, or faulty dishwasher, choose us every time. We offer superior plumbing services you can depend on most, such as:

We make it simple to keep your place safe, dry, and more efficient all year long. Contact us today to schedule the best plumbers around, all at affordable pricing.

Plumbers in Cranberry Township, PA

One service you can’t live without is reliable local plumbers in Cranberry Township, PA. From frozen pipes in the winter to leaky faucets, you need one company for it all.

Who can you call for scheduled care, emergency repairs, and even home renovations? At Pittsburgh Plumbing Services, we always have an affordable solution for every problem.

We service local area homes and commercial buildings with quality plumbing repairs. No matter when, why, or how your issue happened, we know what to do next.

You can count on us for scheduled maintenance or emergency service visits. Whenever you discover plumbing problems, call us for the best local technicians.

Clogged Drain Service


Few items feel as frustrating as a slow or a clogged drain. Whether it’s a sink, toilet, or bathtub, we can have them all flowing freely again fast.

We only use professional plumbing tools to eliminate any obstruction for good. Contact us to keep the path clear for any clogged fixtures.

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Emergency Plumber Service


You can’t always anticipate when your plumbing will encounter problems, especially during the winter. Frozen pipes, ruptured lines, and cracked porcelain all need help now.

Even after hours, our local plumbers are ready to tackle your maintenance items. Contact us for 24-hour plumbing emergencies or to schedule us during normal business hours.

Pittsburgh plumbing companies

Cranberry Township Water Heaters


When water heaters stop working, you quickly notice, especially while showering. Unfortunately, a faulty water heater is one that isn’t keeping your home sanitary.

If dirty dishes, clothes, and surfaces aren’t killing bacteria, they only linger for longer. If you are sick of greasy plates and cold showers, contact us for service.

Pittsburgh plumbing companies

Drain Snake Service Near Me


You thought you could save some cash by purchasing a drain snake from the store. However, you didn’t realize how quickly it would tangle, rust, and bend out of shape.

We use professional plumbing snakes to tackle your worst drain clogs from any fixture. Don’t let cheap knockoffs waste your time and contact our plumbers first.

Cranberry Township Residential Plumber


When homeowners deserve the best plumbers around, they prefer our experienced contractors. Pittsburgh Plumbing Services offers the best solutions at low costs every day.

You can rely on us for repairs, upkeep, and upgrades in any room. Keep your home free from leaks and clogs, and contact our plumbers today.

Commercial Plumber Cranberry Township


You can’t risk having plumbing clogs when it’s time for the next office potluck. When you need to be confident that everything is working properly, we keep your commercial spaces prepared with our local technicians.

We solve leaks, clogs, and water heater problems for homeowners and business owners alike. Choose us as your all-in-one plumbing experts throughout the Cranberry Township community.

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Kitchen Remodeling Service


Remodeling your kitchen sounds like a good idea until you run into plumbing problems. When you hire us, it means taking on even the most challenging renovation project.

Choose us for new sinks, dishwashers, garbage disposals, and other fixtures and upgrades. Your remodel is in good hands with our reliable local plumbers.

Bathroom Remodeling Contractors


If homeowners aren’t improving their kitchen, they are most likely updating their bathroom. However, a remodel isn’t finished without updating your plumbing, especially in a home owner’s master suite.

You can count on us to install spa tubs, sink vanities, showerheads, and everything else. Maximize your bathroom remodel job by hiring our experienced plumbers today.

Another reason our plumbers are the best choice for your job is our convenience. We service homeowners and local businesses in the community every single day.

Whether they have plumbing leaks, broken dishwashers, or something else, residents and business owners prefer our team. They know that our experienced technicians can quickly take on any concerns that they have.

From retail centers to residential neighborhoods, our team is here for you. Contact us whenever you need help with your plumbing problems in the areas of:

Our plumbers are never far from where you find pooling water indoors. Keep your place free from plumbing problems with our reliable Cranberry Township contractors.

Do I Need to Hire a Plumber?

While some plumbing problems are painfully obvious, others aren’t so easy to see. When they happen deep behind walls, floors, or other surfaces, you don’t always notice them.

One of the first things to check is your last few water bills. If your usage has skyrocketed recently, it could mean a leak exists somewhere.

When you find peeling wall paint or discolored ceilings, you may have found the culprit. Getting to it and addressing the problem will require our help.

From planning a renovation project to repairing leaks, you can count on our plumbers. Hire us for any issues you find, both large and small.

Plumbers You Can Trust

Why Hire Our Cranberry Township Plumbers for Your Job?

When homes or offices have plumbing problems, you need a convenient, affordable, and knowledgeable contractor. Otherwise, the issue only gets worse as you wait all day for help to arrive.

We always show up quickly with a practical solution ready to tackle your situation. Whether you need reliable leak repairs or cost-effective remodels, hire us for it all.

As your all-in-one plumbing experts, we take on any requests you might have. Hire us for new appliance installations, leaks, clogs, and anything else that you need.

From maintaining your fixtures to performing a complete replacement, we can solve any problem. Contact us today for affordable plumbing solutions throughout Cranberry Township, PA, and beyond.

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Are My Plumbing Problems Dangerous?

While most fixtures won’t sustain too much damage, some plumbing problems become dangerous. It’s often after the leak has stopped that much of the threat takes place. Mold and mildew love to grow where it’s cool, dark, and damp. Nowhere fits the bill better than behind your drywall, where plumbing leaks persist. Deteriorated valves and pipes can also become a hazard before too long. Water flowing through them contains rust and minerals, and they almost always leak where corroded. When leaks continue long enough, it can also weaken the foundation of your home. Make sure you address all of your leaks and plumbing concerns with our experienced contractors.

Should You Run Your Taps at Night?

Every winter, the debate picks up as to whether or not you should run your taps overnight. While it’s wasteful from one point of view, it could also be beneficial come morning.

When evening temperatures are likely to hit freezing, your plumbing lines are at risk. Once the water within them rapidly expands, it bursts through the pipes.

By the time they thaw out, you don’t notice that something has broken. It isn’t until your shower barely dribbles that you know that you need help.

Running your taps at night can produce enough water movement to prevent freezing from happening. Contact us for ruptured pipes or to better prepare your home for winter.

When Should I Start Remodeling My Home?

Many homeowners find themselves eager to perform a renovation project somewhere in their house. Choosing where to start and where, can be challenging to pin down. People tend to spend most of their time in bathrooms and kitchens, so these rooms are ideal for remodeling. Both rooms offer a variety of unique ways to enhance them, even without spending a lot of money. We suggest starting with any fixtures that are on their way out. Many items, like porcelain sinks, may wear out sooner than others based on daily use. One way to keep your next renovation straightforward is to hire our plumbers. Give your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and other living spaces the best contractors around.
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The Best Plumbers in Cranberry Township Near Me

Plumbing leaks are maintenance items that you can’t ignore. Eventually, they can threaten your entire building if left unattended.

Before the damage becomes worse, you can rely on us for fast and affordable plumbing repairs. Whether you need us to stop drips, leaks, or pooling water, we can complete any job.

Even if you can’t tell if a problem exists, we will find out for sure. Hire us at Pittsburgh Plumbing Services for any plumbing repairs.

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